In 2014 the small city of Newcastle, Australia quickly became established as the Riddim Dubstep capital of the pacific, the man behind that is Gabriel William Vercingetorix Trujillo Clayton AKA Getorix. What started off as bringing this exciting sound to New South Wales in the form of his Royal Bass parties quickly turned in to a platform to launch him internationally as a producer and tastemaker. As his own international reputation as a producer and DJ grew, Getorix fostered a culture in Newcastle that gave rise to other emerging artists such as Chibs, Duffeey and Kron, which are now household names in the global Dubstep community. Getorix’s unique production style has had his tunes played by titans of the scene such as 12th Planet, Barely Alive, Dubloadz, Virtual Riot, Trampa, Badklaat, Svdden Death and many more as well as his music being played across major scale events and festivals like EDC Las Vegas, Lost Lands, Rampage Belgium, Animalz Paris and Bassrush Massive just to name a few. 2017 saw Getorix release through Disciple Recordings on his good friend Chibs debut EP. His music also caught the ear of industry legends; Dack Janiels, Xaebor and Subtronics who all produced official remixes of Getorix’ tracks. 2018 saw Getorix hit the road playing all over his home continent of Australia as well as 2 successful tours of the United States Of America which include sold out events in Los Angeles, California and Madison, Wisconsin. With his debut EP on the way and absolutely no signs of slowing down Getorix is certainly one to keep an eye on in 2019..