Pursue sharp precise performance in all aspects of life. Music as a career goes beyond hobby & passion for this young producer. JACKNIFE music reflects dedication and commitment through to its destructive live delivery. 2019 was a busy year, opening with an EP on The Prescription // Insomniac Records, followed by official remixes for MALAA (Addiction, Confession Label) Dirty Audio (West Coast, Thrive Music) Matroda, What Happened? & ATLIENS, F*ck That (BASSRUSH), and singles with DIM MAK and Pinnacle Collective. The chaos really began with MALAA x JACKNIFE present “Revolt”, mid-tempo house that raised hell in the neighborhood. JACKNIFE wrapped up the year with his first Witch Craft package, at the same time launching his own imprint under Pinnacle Music, “Bladed Black Records”.